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Our History

Our beginnings

In 1987, Rev. Joseph Diaz began to notice a disturbing trend in the cold night shelters, there was a steady increase in families with children. He decided his church, the Cathedral Church of St. Peter (Episcopal) would initiate a coalition of churches, to create an alternative option to emergency shelters, which were proven to be poorly equipped to handle families. These founders sought to create an environment providing time, space, and support services which would enable homeless families to rebuild their lives


Resurrection House began operating as a nonprofit corporation in 1988 after buying an apartment complex to serve as transitional housing for homeless families with children.


In 1998, we launched a two-year capital campaign to raise $2 million in private funds for a new Resurrection House campus. The result? A debt-free, award winning new building completed in 2001, doubling our capacity to house participants in modern apartments.


Resurrection House follows the same self-sufficiency model it promotes in families. It accepts no government funding, raises all funds from private sources, and completed the construction process free of debt. Self-sufficiency includes being wise stewards of donors’ contributions. The campus is designed with low-maintenance and high-efficiency standards. It is built to last. Since 1987, over 500 families have been participants in the Resurrection House program. As families typically stay 1 – 3 years, there is little of the high turnover in similar public programs. Our goal is permanent change, not a quick fix. The  self-sufficiency success rate is over 80 percent.