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“At twenty-nine years-old my mother died unexpectedly. At the time I was not equipped with the proper coping skills and I spiraled downward into depression and eventually lost everything. I was living on someone’s couch with my son when someone told me about Resurrection House.

I was nervous about becoming a participant because at that point I had lived a very undisciplined life. It turned out to be the best decision I could have ever made for me and my son. I was given a safe space and stability which enabled me to rebuild my life. Resurrection House taught me to take responsibility for my actions and to be a responsible parent. I learned so much about the world and how to solve my own problems. I have been given the valuable tools needed to set goals and reach them.

While being a participant I earned a Bachelor’s in Social Work degree and graduated with honors. More than anything I learned that with a little hard work and a lot of faith, anything is possible.”

-Sara Dayton

“Investing in your community includes committing one’s precious resources of time, skills and money.  Because there are so many needs, prioritizing becomes very important. Finding an organization that is results-oriented, produces a great return on the investment and aligns with your core values is exceptional.  

The process of converting at-risk families from dependency and consumers of public support resources to self-sufficient contributors to our community is one of the most amazing things that I have ever witnessed. 

The fact that this all gets done with no government funding means that Resurrection House must effectively leverage its resources and strategically partner with other support providers.  This is how they achieve such a high return on investment. Successful participants of the program will describe their experience at Resurrection House as a blessing to them. As a donor, I view it as a blessing to me.”

Gordon Johnson

“God works in our lives in interesting ways.  I was first introduced to Resurrection House through a service project for my daughter’s fifth-grade class.  I was immediately taken by the work that they were doing with at-risk families in our community.

The more that I learned about the ministry the more I found myself drawn to it.  Over the years I went from being an auxiliary member to a board member and ultimately chaired the board of directors. Resurrection House became a ministry that our entire family embraced. 

Seeing young families who enter the program without direction or hope, methodically become strong in their faith and financially sustainable still amazes me after all these years. Their success in moving from dependency to self-sufficiency is a true example of God working in their lives and served as inspiration for me to do my part.  Their success is my blessing.”

Gwendolyn Murray- Johnson