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How You Can Help

Supporting Florida Resurrection House means supporting the life-changing work of stopping generational poverty in its tracks. This work changes not only the daily life of the hard working parent, but further the course of life for generations to come. Your gift today will still be making an impact for these families twenty and thirty years from now! Invest in the future of our families and community today and you will literally be changing the future.

Make a Financial Contribution

Financial contributions are crucial to the success of our families because at Florida Resurrection House, we do not accept any government funding. We follow this philosophy because it allows us to individualize the program to each participants needs. Every family has a different pathway toward sustainability and running our program with only privately donated funds allows us the opportunity to customize their plans without external interference with the process. We work on a lean budget ensuring your contribution is used to full capacity with over 90% of all donations going directly to program expenses. Consider the many ways you can give financially:

Donate Goods

Our program would not be possible without the many people who donate items we need to keep our campus running. The items typically include: kitchen and household furnishings, living and dining room furniture, household products as well as cleansers and feminine materials. Contact us to receive the most up to date wish-list.

If you think you may have an item we could benefit from please contact us. Donations are accepted during regular business hours Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you have donations in a large volume please call prior to drop off so we can make sure there is storage and support for unloading your item.


We often have opportunities for volunteers to get involved with the upkeep of our property as well as hosting life-skills classes for our families, providing childcare during the classes, and offering tutoring for our children living on campus. If you are interested in volunteering with Florida Resurrection House please download the application and email to admin@floridaresurrectionhouse.com .