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Gifts of Stock

Giving stock or securities is simple and doing so can both result in tax savings for the donor and benefit Florida Resurrection House.

When preparing to make a stock transfer, we’d love to know your gift is on its way! Otherwise, we won’t have a way to say thank you, as your information isn’t attached to the transfer.

You or your broker should contact us before the transfer so that the gift can be properly acknowledged. Contact Ellen at [email protected] with the details of your gift by completing the stock notification form and sending it to us.

Thank you for notifying us so we can properly acknowledge your gift.

Please share the following information with your broker so they can initiate an electronic transfer:


Raymond James & Associates

DTC #: 0725

Ava Ceric, Financial Advisor

Direct: 727.551.5254

Florida Resurrection House (EIN/Federal ID#: 59-2837168)